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Why You Can’t Lose Weight with Willpower Alone

Why You Can’t Lose Weight with Willpower Alone

This debate has been going on through the better part of the last century, it’s still going strong today – can you, or can’t you lose weight through diet alone? Some people speculate that if you don’t lose weight thanks to a diet, then you’re either not trying hard enough, or you’re on the wrong diet. Others say that in most cases people are able to lose weight, but they relapse to their old lifestyle as soon as they see some results. What is the truth?

The truth is that diets work. Kind of. Well, not entirely. It’s possible to lose weight when you diet and exercise regularly – a lifestyle that should be endorsed by most of us. However, the problem is that most diets out there are not balanced, at all, which means that they force your body into a “starvation mode” where it’s trying to compensate for your lowered calorie intake. This means that you don’t feel like exercising, or doing anything else, really. Your appetite is also affected and significantly increased, making it hard to resist food sometimes. If you end up dropping the diet, in most cases it’s not that you lack the will-power; it’s that your body is forcing you to.

Are there good diets? This is a bad question. What you should be asking is: what should I do if I want to lose weight? Diets are not necessarily the answer, at least in the long-term. However, if you start eating only whole foods and avoid anything that has been chemically processed, you will be on the right track. Most refined foods have extra-high calorie count which makes them unhealthy on several different levels. They also cause you to eat more than you need. So staying away from those is a nice first step.

Exercising regularly is another one. Exercise is always nice so don’t forget about it. Move a lot and you will not only start losing weight, but you will also feel much better. Finally, some natural diet pills would also be a good addition. They help reduce appetite to its natural levels (as opposed to what refined foods are doing) and are a nice dietary supplement for completing your healthier lifestyle and helping your body process food better. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you should take shortcuts. It means that you need to introduce some lifestyle changes that will benefit you in more ways than one.

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