Avoiding simple sugars is one of the best ways to lose weight

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Avoiding simple sugars is one of the best ways to lose weight

Eating lots of simple sugars is one of the surest ways to get fat or keep being fat. The fact of the matter is that they are quickly broken down by the body and ready to be used, but you rarely need that much energy at the same time, so they end up being stored as glycogen and fat for later. However, that later rarely comes because people like to eat lots of sugar in general.


Our love for sugar comes from the fact that our brains are really slow. So slow, they still can’t realize that we don’t live 10,000 BC and calories today aren’t that hard to find. That’s why the brain keeps rewarding you for eating high calorie foods – because once that was a super win for you. However, this is not an issue for most of us anymore so we go overboard with the calories. Yet our brains keep rewarding us because they haven’t gotten the memo of how easy that is nowadays. So we end up overeating and feeling pretty good about it until we step on the scale or look in the mirror.


Where our brains tend to lag, we need to correct this in a rational and conscious manner. Avoid sugars. We know that it’s an addiction and that you love eating simple sugars, but if you want to lose weight, then you should definitely keep this in mind. There’s nothing wrong with eating carbs (don’t overdo it, though), as long as they’re complex carbs. Complex carbs take a lot longer to process, so they keep giving you energy for hours without spiking your blood sugar and insulin levels. Fruits are alright, but again you should watch it.  The more complex the carbs, the better.

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