More Lean Body Mass for Weight Loss

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More Lean Body Mass for Weight Loss

More is sometimes less and vice versa. In this context, though it may sound a bit counterintuitive, you can actually lose some weight by having more mass. Of course, we’re talking about lean body mass, or the so-called “quality weight”. What we call lean body mass is actually the weight of the body, excluding the fat. This means that more lean body mass doesn’t necessarily mean more weight, because it’s entirely possible to increase one while at the same time decreasing the other, thus avoiding entering some of the more unhealthy states.

Why does this work? It works because it allows you to achieve a healthy weight by increasing your caloric expenditure. Because muscle burns more calories than fat by default, you can achieve the desired weight more easily. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to become muscular or something like that. It takes a lot of training to get to that point (should you choose to), but you can still increase your muscles by training, and thus increase the amount of energy your body needs by default.

With a healthy diet and some cardio, you will lose weight in no time. Of course, you still need to count your calories. Otherwise, no matter how much you train and do cardio, you’re still not going to lose weight if your intake is higher than your expenditure. It’s simple math, really (unless hormonal issues are involved; the glycemic index of the foods you consume also matters, but this is the general rule). Taking some form of dietary supplementation (such as a protein, amino acids or something that stimulates your metabolism and helps you lose weight) will definitely speed up the process. However, do not forget that we’re talking about supplements, not solutions. They will not work on their own.

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