Low-Carb Diet for Weight Loss

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Low-Carb Diet for Weight Loss

Carbs are our main source of energy, so it’s not accurate to say that carbs are the enemy, as many people seem to suggest. However, we have to be responsible for our energy intake in relation to our expenditure. If we get more energy than we need, then the body will begin to store it, so of course we’re going to gain weight. This is just how nature works. In fact, it used to make a lot of sense that our bodies worked that way back when food was scarce. However, today cheap calories are easy to come by (especially through lots and lots of carbs), but our bodies haven’t gotten the memo, yet.

Back when we could barely scrape the bottom of the barrel for some food, getting that extra layer of fat when you can for those rainy days was an excellent survival mechanism. But our bodies still function this way, yet we keep feeding them more and more, even though we’re obviously getting enough energy. That’s why one third of the population of this planet is overweight. In order to counteract this and lose some weight, we need to stop giving our bodies what they want and start thinking rationally.

Reducing our calorie intake through reducing carbs will achieve several things – first off, it will force us to eat less sugar, and sugar is bad for your health, so that’s a win. Then it will make us eat more fats and proteins. This doesn’t sound like a good idea, however it’s not fat makes you fat, it’s actually sugar, so bear with us.

There are good fats (for example omega-3 fatty acids) you get from oily fish. Replacing some of your carb intake with that will allow you to lose weight and will make you feel better. Same with protein. You will still get energy, but it won’t be the kind of energy your body can’t use, so it stores it for later. It will be the kind of energy that helps you achieve balance in your life.

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